home d'zyn - Heather Clark Smith
Heather's Advise on Decorating

• When considering your next design project, incorporate something you love, or can't live without, into your plan; don't compromise and you will be pleased with the result everyday that you live with it.
• Life is colourful - red sunsets, blue ocean waters, green grass, white snow capped mountains - yes, white is a colour
• Live, love, decorate with passion

Questions and Answers

Heather's says to "incorporate something you love, or can't live without, into your plan".
Q. Where should I draw my inspiration from?
A. That "something" can be an idea, or a tangible, such as artwork, the style of your well worn comfy chair, or a must have state-of-the-art appliance.

Heather is a certified interior decorator and a member in good standing with the Canadian Decorators Association (CDECA).
Q. What is CDECA?
A. It is an association of professional interior decorators and designers who have achieved, and continue to maintain, rigorous requirements of professional standards. Accredited interior decorators and designers are trained to decorate and design interior spaces in compliance with our constitutional bylaws and code of ethics. The majority of CDECA members are entrepreneurs, practicing in residential interior decorating and design. Others work in decorating and design firms, home improvement businesses, interior related products manufacturing, and furniture and home décor retail stores.